The Crystal Ship 2016

FWTV were on hand for the first instalment of Belgium's best art festival.

In collaboration with VNA magazine FWTV presents The Crystal Ship, Ostend, Belgium, 2016.

Featuring artwork from: Ella & Pitr, Faith47, 1010, Disorderline, Agostini Iarcuci, Elian, Mr Fiksit, Guido Van Helten, Robert Montgomery, Siegfried Vynck, Jaune, Pixel Pancho, Locatelli x Smates, CYRCLE, Isaac Cordal, Fintan Magee, Zio Ziegler, Eversiempre, Biancoshock, Pol Cosmo, Roa, Jaz.

Video filmed and edited by Doug Gillen @ Fifth Wall TV

Cover shot – Juane by Henrik Haven

Bottom Left – Issac Cordal by Henrik Haven

Bottom Right – Elian Chali image via artist

Track – Eternity Bro – Days & Days